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We are introduced our salves as one of the manufactures of Submersible and openwell pump set. We are 17 year old India based company with vast experience in Submersible and openwell Pumps Industry. PENGUIN PUMPS is located in Rajkot (Gujarat). The Industries has been manufacturing Submersible and Openwell Pumps.

The rapid growth and success of our business is because of our experience and expertise over the years in manufacturing Submersible and Openwell Pumps. Our management of PENGUIN PUMPS is committed to manufactures world-class quality Submersible and Openwell Pumps at reasonable cost.

Every product in factory has to pass through strict quality control tests and only those products leave the factory, which pass the accepted standards. All products are made from high quality Stainless Steel, Copper and other metals. The production method is stronger to give a long lasting finish and better results. We have in-house facility like re-winding, testing water, and Computerized power and water flow check system.

How We Work

What We Have

We are continues making effort to manufacture innovative and efficient product. We are facilitating latest machinery and equipment to employee for producing & measuring performance of the product to meet international standard.

Our R&D department helps us to manufacture new design and develop pump which increase efficiency and effectiveness of the submersible pump. Each and every In-house Raw Material is inspected by us.

Level of Customer satisfaction is measure every yearly. Top management use open door policy to communicate to operation level management. Penguin pumps build plant & machinery according conformed of customer and stakeholder requirement.

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